Wedding Dessert Trends 2011

By liiarudolph on June 9, 2011 | 2 Comments

Desserts, desserts, desserts. The wedding cake, once the beloved and prized leader of all wedding desserts, has recently taken a backseat to alternative yet just as fabulous treats. Whether you just aren’t in love with cake & icing (or you know you have some picky eaters amongst your guests) or are itching to do something different and a little bit more untraditional & exciting, there are many fun options that you can choose from to enjoy the sweetness of a celebratory dessert without needing cake at all! From macarons to whoopie pies to cookie bars, the Brides and Grooms of 2011 are choosing for a variety of desserts that compliment their personalities, relationship, color scheme, and give the wedding a unique, fun and even whimsical feel.

Cupcakes dominated the dessert scene for the past few years. Some couples are still choosing cupcake tiers, which often include unique flavors like key lime macadamia nut or the beloved red velvet or peanut butter truffle or whatever your little heart desires, but the hot dessert of 2011 quickly working its way up the dessert ladder of fame is pie! Not only are there a wide variety of flavors to choose from, but pie has a comfort food, down-home feel which can really  be a wonderful touch to a wedding celebration. You can see the pie dessert in action from this photo from OnceWed.

Thebridesuite did a fabulous feature on the trendy wedding pie. You should definitely check it out if you are at all interested in eating pie on your wedding day!

Macarons & whoopie pies are also gaining wedding popularity. Macarons are, of course, delicious, and they are also a great way to incorporate your color scheme into your dessert. Whoopie Pies, a small yet delicious dessert that is the most reminiscent of cake from all of the new dessert trends, are delicious & different & will leave you and your guests wanting more and more.

Photo from Edyta Photography.

The dessert bar is also very popular. Amy Atlas, of New York City fame, is known for her intricate, beautiful and personalized dessert bars, as you can see below.

Some couples are choosing to theme their dessert bars on their wedding day, opting for a sundae bar, or ice cream bars like the fabulous Pop-Bars, fudge bars, or the ever-more-popular cookie bar.

The cookie bar, a tradition founded in Pennsylvania, is one of the hot 2011 dessert trends & can be a great way to incorporate family recipes & please all of your guests! Who DOESN’T love a good cookie, right?

Adam Lowes Photography above & Martha Stewart Weddings below.

All of these dessert trends look and taste great! When you sit down to choose your wedding dessert, we’d advise you to just have fun, think about what YOU would want to eat, and no matter what, you & your guests will have an amazing (and tasty) time!

  1. Mary Jo June 9, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    This reminds me of ‘back in the day’ when we got married. There was wedding cake, then all of the aunts brought beautiful plates of cookies. I love when things go full circle!

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