British Family Royal Wedding Flowers through the Years

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I grew up in London and have always loved the Royal Family so I couldn’t resist doing a blog post on the flowers that have been carried by the Royal Family beginning with Queen Victoria up to Princess Diana.  The Royal Family has always seemed to carry cascade bouquets so we will see if Kate follows the Royal Trend.

After Kate and William get married then of course we will have to talk about their Wedding Flowers. I can’t wait for 4am tomorrow. I’m having a few friends over tomorrow to watch the wedding and enjoy a very early breakfast and toast the  Royal Family!


Queen Victoria wore a wreath of orange blossoms (which symbolized purity) and myrtle (which symbolized love and domestic happiness).  She also carried a bouquet of snow drops which were Prince Albert’s favorite flower.


Queen Mary carried a cascade bouquet of orange blossom, a rose called ‘House of York’ white orchids, lily of the valley and white carnations called ‘The Bride’.


Queen Elizabeth, frequently called the Queen Mum, carried a bouquet of Roses and lily of the valley. Her headpiece was comprised of a white rose and heather.

QUEEN ELIZABETH II (The current Queen of England)

Queen Elizabeth carried a cascade bouquet of Cattelaya Orchids, Odontoglossum Orchids, Cypripedium Orchids (Lady Slipper) and a sprig of myrtle.


Princess Margaret carried a cascade bouquet of orchids and stephanotis.


Princess Anne carried a cascade bouquet of white roses, lily of the valley, stephanotis, myrtle and heather.


Princess Diana carried a 42″ long and 15″ wide cascade bouquet comprised of gardenias, stephanotis, freesia, odontoglossum orchids, lily of the valley, yellow Earl Mountbatten roses, ivy, myrtle and veronicas.

What will Kate carry?  Let us know what you think she will carry?  I am now counting down the hours until the big event!!! So excited!

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