Macy’s-Bouquet of the Day 2011

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Beautiful Blooms Events was thrilled to be asked back by Macy’s for the third year to design a piece for their Tower of Flowers “Bouquet of the Day.”


Philadelphia, PA (March 15, 2011) – The Macy’s Flower ShowTower of Flowers, soars to new heights with an indoor garden oasis and the one-and-only Bouquet of the Day. Positioned at the Juniper Street entrance on the Main Floor, the Bouquet of the Day will stop customers in their tracks as they cross the Grand Court threshold.

For the third year in a row, Macy’s has once again recruited some of the most talented and world-renowned floral and event designers to create and construct the Flower Show’s centerpiece. Each uniquely designed piece will be on display for two days, on a rotating schedule throughout the two-week show. Customers and floral enthusiasts will have the opportunity to witness horticultural genius first-hand as these pieces will be on display March 27 – April 10.

Last night the Beautiful Blooms team headed over to Macy’s Center City at 8:30pm to do the install. It was a long evening but we loved the way the design turned out.   When Bill and I sat down to talk we wanted to do something that was linear and made a strong color statement.  We choose red, burgundy and magenta as our color palette.

Chris from Wish Painting created the basic structure for our “Bouquet of the Day.”

We choose three different varieties of roses, 400 stems in total) to work within our piece.  One variety was red  (Charlotte), one was burgundy (Finesse), one was a deep magenta (Hot Lady).

The next step was securing all four pieces of the main structure together. Each piece had to be screwed into each other to form one large square.

Prior to the Macy’s set up we had run long strands of a wool wire to act as the supporting stems which later had red branches and all three varieties of roses attached to them.   We attached glass test tubes to the each of the 4 supporting stems within each piece of the square structure.

Macy’s already had a pedestal in the center of our structure and we wanted it to blend with our piece so we covered it in fabric and then placed different height cylinder vases on top of it.

The cylinder vases were then filled with water and stacked roses placed within them.

We spent  A LOT of time going up and down the ladder so much so that this morning my back hurt…muscles that haven’t been used in a LONG time apparently.

Here is Beautiful Blooms Events completed Bouquet of the Day!

Here’s a shot looking down into those center cylinder vases.

Our recipe…….400 roses, 12 crystal strands, 48 glass bud vases, 200 water tubes, one cool structure and a great team!

Thanks to Macy’s for the below photos which they provided of our completed display!

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